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Special R&D for your project with ONARFA

Special designs for you

About Us

As ONARFA Engineering, we are an R&D company that develops project-based systems. We can design electronic boards, parts and embedded systems for you and develop the software you need.


R&D Services specific to your project

Bisiklet Parçaları

Mobile and Computer Applications

Pursuit of Quality

Electronic Card and Embedded Systems

Beyond Your Expectations

Part Design

Mechanical Parts

PUP Keyboard Teknofest 


Mobile Application and electronic circuit

The mobile referee application that descends to the football fields with the effect of technology and the phone case that works depending on it.

Beyaz Fonda Siyah Cep Telefonu
Gökkuşağı Klavye

PUP: Analog Keyboard

As ONARFA, our analog keyboard project that we received support from TÜBİTAK. We are developing a new generation keyboard that can output according to the power of pressing the keys. We are also developing a computer interface where you can control the keyboard lights and pressing metrics.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Automation

It is an automation system developed for soilless farming systems. 

Elektronik Devre Kartı

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Onarfa Engineering Research and Development San. Trade Ltd. sti
Address: Erzene, Ege TEKNOPARK. Ebiltem Building, Ankara Cd. 172/14, 35030 Bornova/Izmir
6420894670 Hasan Tahsin VD

(0507) 963 26 03

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